Anthony Quinto, MBA
Vice President of Business Development and Talent Acquisition  
Anthony is an experienced and business minded senior financial executive with over 30 years of accomplishments in Global Fortune 500 public companies and mid-size privately held organizations. The decision to move into the consulting and Talent Acquisition arenas was driven by his desire to apply these techniques and principles to assist and help companies establish a clear and sustainable path to profitability while continuing his focus on team’s development.

Anthony’s progressive career path has been focused primarily within the global corporate finance, accounting, human resources, and information technology disciplines in mostly large public manufacturing organizations.

His efforts and accomplishments as a Finance Leader have had positive and far reaching impacts in areas such as Europe, India, China, Canada, and Mexico.

Anthony is known for creating, stabilizing, scaling, professionalizing, and mentoring administrative teams to match an organization evolving requirements. He is also responsible for establishing greenfield start up operations in Portugal and Mexico and a Joint Venture in China. Many of these ventures continue today as viable operations providing on-going employment engagements and value-added products.

He has been involved in managing, reducing, and containing healthcare and workers compensation costs through identifying alternate solutions across a broad spectrum of possibilities. Working closely with health care brokers and providers to secure millions in cost avoidance and containment in the health care arena while maintaining employee benefits levels. He has also undertaken fiduciary responsibilities for employee defined benefit pension plans and 401k programs solely responsible for driving appropriate investments and expense reductions and compliant government reporting

Anthony today has created the entity named Accretive Talent is focusing his attention where he gains great satisfaction by continuing to dedicate his time and efforts on putting people back to work during these difficult times and beyond , continuing to design and implement cost saving initiatives by solving complex problems with creative solutions .

By joining Medi Globe America he feels that this opportunity builds on, complements, and expands his efforts to continue aiding businesses by improving cost structure with alternate and automated workflows and driving sustainable profitability. Moreover, by leveraging relationships and connections in the US and abroad will expand market opportunities by opening new outlets for existing producers and establish new marketing opportunities for low cost suppliers by identifying and facilitating international transactions.

Anthony has an MBA with emphasis on Finance and Economics from West Texas A&M and a BS in Accounting from Duquesne University.