About Us

Medi Globe Inc (dba Medi Globe America - MGA) is a Healthcare Business Development and Practice Management Services organization, committed to enhance the quality of healthcare of the global community. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Our two core services are:

  • Offer Multi Vertical Business Process Management Services to American Healthcare Organizations: MGA offers complete range of revenue cycle management, information technology, payroll and accounting services to American healthcare organizations and enhance direct patient care programs.
  • Develop Global Markets for World Class Healthcare Products: MGA will proactively develop global markets for world class healthcare products, especially to countries in the Indian Sub-Continent and EMEA.

Our Values

  • Access and Affordability – We are committed to facilitating affordable health services to all Americans.
  • Client Value Enhancement – We are relentless in the continuous evaluation and delivery of high quality and cost efficient services to our clients.
  • Innovation – We promote creativity and cultivate growth by challenging and empowering ourselves and others to reach beyond the current paradigm.
  • Teamwork – We stress high individual standards to produce an exceptional quality of work that exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • Community Support – We are committed to serving patients and healthcare organizations in medically underserved areas (MUA’s).
  • Commitment to Cultural Diversity & Inclusion – We are resolute in our commitment to develop an organizational environment that proactively supports diversity and encourages inclusion.
  • Integrity – Our organization is committed to integrity in thought, intent and action.
Our Objectives

Support healthcare organizations to develop operationally efficient, financially strong and patient care centered outpatient centers
Enhance the quality of life of families and individuals by providing high quality products and services.