“Prepping” the patient 24-48 hours before Office or Hospital visit


Appointment scheduling


Patient registration


Insurance verification


Copayment and insurance deductible collection


Appointment reminder / confirmation

Medi Globe America’s “Prepping” services will ensure that relevant pre-visit aspects have been addressed with each patient, 24-48 hours before the visit with the care provider.

Our “Prepping” Services Will
  • Significantly reduce patient’s wait time prior to physician examination
  • Enable client organization to efficiently manage physician productivity
  • Enhance organizational revenue through efficient use of clinical and non-clinical resources
  • Enable client organization to better manage patient flow, and enhance same day appointment opportunities for patients.
  • Ensure that all relevant insurance, financial arrangement and patient past due balance details are addressed, discussed and resolved prior to office visit.

The Process

The information will be entered directly into client’s billing software or into ViewSMART, MGA’s own Electronic Medical Record (EMR). MGA staff will then schedule appointment for patient.


Insurance Verification – MGA staff will verify Insurance and any patient deductible information for each patient.


Pre-Authorization – MGA staff will verify appropriate authorization information for patients.


The verified insurance information will be entered directly into the client’s


About 24-48 hours before the scheduled appointment, MGA staff will call patient to discuss any change in patient insurance status, and collect copayment, any patient deductible amount of current insurance plan and any past due amounts. The appointment is confirmed, after copayment and any patient deductible payable amount has been received by the staff.


MGA staff will either email a copy of the receipt to patient, or have the receipt available for patient to pick up at the time of hospital or office visit.


For same day appointments, MGA staff will complete appointment scheduling and registration procedures for new or established patients in the first call. The staff will call within an hour with to discuss insurance details, collect copayment and confirm appointment