Our Clients Speak

J.P., MD, Medical Director

The Community Health Improvement Center has utilized Medi Globe America for our dictation for the last two years. They are prompt to return dictations – usually within 24 hours.We rarely have difficulties, but when these occur, Medi Globe America is always prompt and helpful with any problems we might have. I would recommend their service without hesitation.

B.W., MD, Internal Medicine, MO

I have been using Medi Globe America’s Transcription Services for over two years. My staff and I are very pleased with the services that we receive. The transcriptions have been very prompt and professional in appearance. We are happy to continue our relationship with Medi Globe America.

350 Bed teaching hospital, USA

We have forged a highly successful partnership with Medi Globe America as they have played an integral part in our verification process. The transition of our insurance verification’s to Medi Globe America. Proved to be seamless and Medi Globe America has had a significant impact on our process. The Medi Globe America team has been very accommodating and responsive to our needs.Director, Patient Care Services.