Our Objective

Our objective is to develop operationally efficient and financially strong patient care centered physician practices

Our Approach

“Customized solutions” is the key to our success. At Medi Globe America, we understand and appreciate that each practice is unique.We will evaluate the needs of each practice and offer solutions to help them become more efficient and patient care centered.

Our Core Features
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance Verification
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Copayment Collection
  • Interim Management – CEO or CFO
  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

Our Pricing

Direct Staffing Cost Savings – 15% Saving

  • We guarantee a minimum savings of 15% in Direct wages & Health Benefit expenses to client organization.

Other Staffing Cost Savings – 100% Saving

  • Our services will result in 100% savings in the following expenses:
Office Space
Vacation and Sick Leave costs Computer and other Equipment
Retirement Costs Utilities
401 (k) contributions Payroll Benefit Administration
Supervision Costs HR Management Administration

For additional information please contact us at 800 289 9752 or email to

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